Νina Viliardos – ΑΤΙΑ Regressional Dysgenics


Fascinating science fiction novel. A realistic speculation about possible events of the future. Exciting flow, reversals and constant surprises.


Κωδικός: 978-960-98136-5-5

Περιγραφή Προϊόντος

Many years ago a group of genetically advanced people settled down in a post-modern city that was created for one purpose: to advance human kind even further in prosperity and health, away from all the distractions and of the errors of humanity. They expected to live a perfect life. But instead, all their advancements backfired and reduced their existence to nothing. What led them to view history as primitive was now their biggest challenge. Atia, a woman who was despised for holding history dear to her heart, was now the only one who was able to cope with that challenge. To create history she needed to find it. In her mind the definition of reality was sealed by free will and not by faith. But reality is in the eyes of the beholder after all. Nina Viliardos, the author of the novel, was born in Hamburg. She studied in German Christeneum (Gross Flotbek) and then in the German School of Athens (Deutsche Schule Athen), followed by her attendance for six years in The Medical University of Vienna. She came back to Greece where she graduated with honors from the department of Psychology of American College of Athens (Deree). «ΑΤΙΑ» (published in October 2011) is her first novel completed during her studies which are currently continued in Germany for Master in Psychology. She speaks fluent German, Greek, English and knows also Italian and Latin.


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